Services for the industry

3D design

3D design and implementation of projects involves creating detailed visualizations and models of various products, machines, objects or productions.
We offer both creating the documentation for our own projects and working with clients who wish to develop their own concept.

Bending and machining with shaft machines

Our carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum machining service includes a wide range of processes that ensure a high quality end product.
We have advanced technology and professionally trained staff ready to meet your every requirement.

Metal proCesSing

The bending of abcant metal sheets involves the processing of materials with dimensions up to 1000 x 2000mm and thickness up to 4mm.
We have a modern park of machines and qualified specialists who guarantee precision and quality of the products.

We are ready to meet your requirements and provide you with an individual approach in the manufacture of your product.

Sieve punching and processing of sheet material

Punching of sieves and processing of sheet material with thicknesses up to S=2mm with different configurations of holes – round, oblong and others.
We have a wide range of punches and modern machines that allow the production of products with high precision and quality.
Our specialists are ready to help you with an individual approach and provide a fast and efficient service.

bending and processing of pipes and metal profiles

It is a process that requires special equipment and experienced professionals to work with high precision. Our company has modern machines and an experienced team of specialists.
Using our machines for machine bending and processing of pipes and metal profiles, we can process materials of various shapes and sizes.

Bending and processing with hydraulic presses

Hydraulic presses are powerful tools that can be used to bend and process a variety of materials. This can be done on metal pipes, profiles, sheets and others.
Hydraulic presses are efficient material handling tools because they can process a large volume of material quickly and efficiently.

Guillotine cutting

Guillotine cutting is a method of precision cutting of sheet materials such as metal. It uses a specialized machine called a guillotine that squeezes the leaves between two knives and moves them inward to make the cut.
Guillotine cutting is suitable for straight linear cuts, while complex shapes or cuts are made using other methods such as punching or laser cutting.

Bending of metal sheets

Sheet metal bending is a process in which metal is deformed to obtain a desired shape or angle. This can be achieved in different ways, depending on the material and tools that are used.

We are ready to meet your requirements and provide you with an individual approach in the manufacture of your product.

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